9 January 2014

Top Party Trends for 2014

Is it obvious to say that we at Flingers love a good party?

As a new year gets underway, we looking ahead to all the parties 2014 will bring. If you're already planning a celebration, a big party or just a gathering of friends and family, you should bear in mind what we predict to be some of the biggest party themes of 2014.

Football Piñata
There are a lot of people out there who are eagerly anticipating the FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil this year. Which means that football will be a big trend, the number one conversation topic and a great excuse to celebrate this year!

At Flingers we have a wide range of football related pieces to ensure you're party is well prepared whether we win or lose! From football themed paper plates, paper cups, and cake decorations for all your party buffet needs. To patriotic wigsfootball shaped Piñatas and even Air Horns to get you fully in the spirit of the game.

Scene Setter - Beach
Linking in with the biggest sporting event of the year, we're imagining the carnival spirit from the country hosting the World Cup will be a big inspiration in the party industry this year. Us Brits love longing after warmer claims and getting into the party sprit. And nobody knows how to party quite like the Brazilians!
Punch Bowl & Jug

Set the scene with tropical beach room decorations, serve up great food and a big mixing bowl of tasty punch! Top off your cocktail glasses with these fun umbrella straws or pin wheel cocktail sticks to instantly get into the party spirit.

Flapper Girl
Following the release of The Great Gatsby last year, the UK went 1920s mad! This trend is sent to continue well into 2014 as a big theme for weddings, parties and even in fashion.

This year however, we expect to see this trend develop and get us equally interested in the later decades of the 1930s and 1940s. So prepare to get into the jolly spirit of the pre-WW2 era! This theme calls out for glamorous yet rustic decorations, good party games and lots of dancing! Flingers has a great range of 1920's fancy dress including all the necessary accessories to complete the look such as Dancing Canes, Pearl NecklacesTommy GunsCigarette Holders and much more.

Lego City Balloon
Lego rules! Right? Lego has been an important component of everyone's childhood since it was first invented over 80 years ago! February 2014 sees the release of the Lego Movie. Sure to be a big hit! Watch the trailers here.

We're expecting this one to be a big theme for children's birthday parties this year and we're excited to see the results! We're thinking bold colours, adventurous decorations and lots of fun. This theme will be sure to be very popular with youngsters and those young at heart with fond memories of their Lego creations from the past!

So, those are our predicted top party trends of 2014. What's your favourite? Or more importantly, which one will you be trying out?