11 June 2014

FIFA World Cup Sweepstake

The FIFA World Cup kicks off today. If you haven’t got involved in one yet, a sweepstake is a great way to entertain some harmless competition between friends, family and co-workers.

We found this handy 2014 Football World Cup print out so that you can get your very own little sweepstake on the go.
Download your copy of this FIFA 2014 Sweepstake
We suggest printing out two copies, one to cut up so that each country can be drawn from a hat, and a second to write down everyones name next to their chosen country. That way, everyone can keep track of their team as they progress throughout the competition.

Of course, a little prize is always a great way of enticing even your football-hating friends or co-workings into joining in the proceedings. Charge a little fee for each entry and soon you’ll have a healthy looking reward for the ultimate winner! Alternatively, use the money raised at the beginning to buy a small treat or a bottle of wine as the reward.

Download the full version of the World Cup Sweepstake here.

We’ve got our fingers crossed for Brazil! Who doesn’t?!

Will you be holding a Football World Cup Sweepstake?