7 November 2014

Spiced Apple Autumn Bakes

Are you looking for a tasty Autumnal treat to get baking with this weekend? Our mouths are salivating at the idea of Valerie over on fromvalerieskitchen.com's apple cake with butterscotch sauce recipe.
Apple Cake Recipe

We think this is the perfect cake to officially welcome in Autumn with this weekend. Is there much better than the sweet smell of spiced baked apples wafting from the kitchen to make the house seem so much more homely?

You can find the recipe for this spiced apple cake here. As well as the recipe for the delicious butterscotch topping to go with it. Yum!

If you're planning to get baking this weekend, remember you can stock up on your bakeware essentials at Flingers. We think getting to enjoy this spiced apple cake whilst it still warm from the oven is one of those hearty treats that are good for the soul! It has apples in it, so it must be good for you!

Will you be baking up any treats this weekend?