22 May 2015

Balloon Ice Bombs

Planning to take advance of the warm weather this Bank Holiday? Perhaps you're thinking to crack out the BBQ, have some friends over in the garden, and keep cool with some ice cold beverages?

Keeping drinks chilled in the warmer weather is one of the biggest obstacles when you are planning a BBQ or garden party. Luke warm soft drinks are a complete party faux par! But some DIY balloon ice bombs could be your solution!

All you need, are some colourful balloons, fill them with water and then leave overnight in the freezer. On the day of your party, you can create a quirky and alternative ice cold drinks bath using your balloon ice packs. They will take quite a long time to defrost (especially if you really pack them in!), so you have little worry of your drinks getting warm.

Using balloons as quirky ice chillers are also handy as a more colourful and fun replacement for generic ice packs if you are popping to the beach or the park this weekend for a picnic! Best of all, they leave very little mess as they won't leak water everywhere. Plus, if you are careful, you can re-use them again for the next party!

And all you need are some balloons, water and a freezer. Simple!

Will you be keeping chill with some balloon ice bombs this weekend?