28 May 2015

Free Wedding Photo Booth Props

Photo booths full of funny and quirky props are a very popular addition at weddings these days. It's a great way to capture informal snaps of all your guest as the night progresses.

Everyone loves pulling some poses in a party photo booth, so it is a sure fire way to make sure you get a snap of each and every guest at the big day. Without having to chase down the stragglers!

Have you thought about making your very own? It's simple enough to do! We've even helped you along with a free download of some wedding perfect props you can customise and put together at home.

How to make your Photobooth DIY Props:
  1. Print our DIY Wedding Photo Props out onto A4 paper.
  2. Mount each prop onto some cardboard or foam using some spray adhesive. 
  3. Carefully cut out each prop and shape using a sharp scissors. 
  4. Attach a short stick to each prop to allow them to be handled easily.
  5. Plan you backdrop - Hanging shimmery curtains or crepe streamers work as simple but effective backgrounds.
  6. Bring on the big day!

Download our Wedding Prop Box Templates for free and get creating your very own DIY wedding day photo booth!

Do you like to pose in the photo booth at parties?